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Words from Management

         The 21st century is an era full of opportunities and challenges. The fast development of technology and the constantly increasing economy level of countries all over the world brought us precious opportunities for development. At the same time the shortage of energy and the serious environment contamination in the world now bring us new challenges. The situation Grand Facade facing is opportunities and challenges coexist, but opportunities are more than challenges,  and need to convert challenges to motivation, use motivation to conquer challenges and seeking for even bigger opportunities.

        Grand Facade constantly challenges itself amongst these good opportunities, and takes technology as foremost while seizing opportunities, incessantly  creating environment friendly and energy saving high grade construction curtain wall products and decoration materials. Grand Facade is now bravely facing challenges as a winner, and has realized great-leap-forward development, and innovatively solved the environment protection and energy saving issues in construction curtain wall. And at the same time makes full use of the green energy resources--solar energy, maximally decreased the energy expenditure of  constructions, and alleviated the social energy pressure, made her contribution to the humankind.

        As long as we seize opportunities, unite as one, exploit and create, discard prejudices, with unanimous goals, we are doomed to make progress together and develop at a very fast speed.

        Grand Facade is willing to sincerely collaborate with friends from all over the world, to develop together; and to strive for the common goal of thehumankind which is to create a nice home together.